Tour Packages

» City tour in Addis Ababa
- Mount Entoto and St.Mary museum
- National/Ethnography museum
- Trinity Cathedral
- Merkato the biggest market

» Day tours (excursions)
- Tiya, Adadi Mariam and Melka Qunture
- Blue Nile Gorge and Debrelibanos Monastery
- Debrezeit (Lakes Town)
- Sodore (Swimming place)
- Menagesha scuba (crown forest)
- Debrebrihan Ankober(palace and landscape

» Two and more days tour
- Ambo Wonchi (Lake)
- Langano and Abjata Shalla Lakes
- Hawassa and Wondogenet (Lakes and hot springs)
- Awash National park
- Zeway lake, Shashemene and Bishangari

» Historic routes tour (by flight/surface)
- BahirDar:- Blue Nile falls Boat trip on lake Tana (monasteries
- Gondar:- castle of Fasil and churches
- Lalibela:- 11 Rock Hewn churches

» Simen Mountain National park
- Endemic animals and birds (Walya and Baboons)
- The place for trekking
- Beautiful Landscape to Ras Dashen

  » Omo valley tribes/safari (in the hotels/ camping)
- Cultural tour to the people
- Omo and Mago National park
- Arbaminch, Jinka, Konso, Mursi, Karo, Bume, Turmi, Hamer

» Harar and Diredawa
- Museums
- Mosques
- The Wall
- Colorful market
- Hyena man

» Bale mountains/parks
- Endemic animals and birds (Neyala) Simen fax
- The place for trekking
- Sofomar caves

» Danakil Depressions
- Cradle of man kind (Lucy)
- Lakes Abe, Asayta, Afdiera, Asayta
- Hottest and lowland (Afar)

» Widlifes in the rift valley
- Abijata, Shalla lakes and national park
- Nech Sar National park
- Lake Abaya and Chamo
- Mago national park
- Omo national park
                                                  And other attractions